At Uptown Framing our expertise and friendly service makes printing easy!

We offer bespoke printing in various sizes and finishes.

Paper Range: Gloss, Matte, Lustre, Canvas, Giclée, Board Mounting, Heat-Seal, Architectural & Plan Drawings.

Sizes: 6×4 – 24×36 inches and large posters

Let us bring your photo memories to life.

We offer instant photo printing in-store.

Contact us today about our bespoke packages.


Turning your original art into prints!

Are you looking to reproduce your original artwork to sell?

At Uptown Framing we offer a professional artwork reproduction service with an outstanding reputation for attention to detail.

When it comes to reproducing your original artwork, whether this is watercolour, oils or even sculptures, the single most important part of the whole artwork reproduction process is the initial image capture.

Using our vast experience, understanding and specialist equipment, we can capture the subtle hues and fine details in your original artwork.


Uptown Framing offer a vast range of professional photo restoration services for colour and black and white prints, negatives and slides.

If your photos have been damaged we can fix them!

Photo Restoration Includes:

  • Dust and scratch removal
  • Rip, tear and crease removal
  • Stain, mould, dirt spots and water damage removal
  • Pen, paint and biro removal
  • Correction of colour casts
  • Repair faded photographs
  • Remove objects, people and backgrounds
  • Rebuild missing sections of damaged photographs